May 6, 2020

A couple of weeks before everything got shot down we were skating and making jokes without knowing that we're going to stay (stuck) at our homes. Be safe and stay home we hope is over soon and everything will be back to normal.

February 6, 2020

After two months of rain we're finally back for more skate session with the skate community Ha-Rampa. The girls were so excited to come back to skate together with the JSG. BIG thanks to Itamar Kessler for helping and encouraging more girls to skate. edit by - Paovibes.

December 20, 2019

Setting the Scene with Jerusalem Skate Girls | Collectives 05

"The skate scene in Israel is really small and everyone is a big family that supports each other. At the beginning the only thing I wanted was not to get bullied because of my accent, my hair or my appearance. Skateboarding has thrown me into a dimension of no race and colour. "

July 13, 2019

Our fourth annual skateboard competition  - the only skateboarding competition in Israel that puts women and girls in the center! Prizes worth a cash total of over 20,000 NIS and really crazy first prize  - flights, registration and accommodation for the MYSTIC Sk8 Cup! Equal pay for men and women!

The JSG-Jerusalem skater Girls partnership with We skate for the biggest skateboarding competition to empower women in Israel.

Obviously, were a boys/men competition, but as always, our main focus is on girls and women.

The best skaters in Israel  participated, and the competition were open to everyone.  DJ Flow Nevo was sp...

May 19, 2019

What hasn’t yet been said about Jerusalem?  In the world, in the news, we usually hear about hatred, division, religion, radicalism and politics.  One city, two cities, a city within a city – obvious separation between religions and between secularism and religion, but despite that – everything co-mingling.

If you look at Jerusalem closely, through the skateboarding community, you will quickly find a very different city.

We Jerusalem Skater Girls meet together for skate session every weekend.

During the week most of us are busy – in school, at university, working.  The weekends are our time to skateboard, to hang out together a...

April 28, 2019

We had an awesome girls session in Galit skatepark! 

It was great to see women skateboarding in all ages and levels skate together, tech and empower each other! 

Join us for the next girls’ skate sesh, on the 28 of every month, between 6 -  pm, at the Galit Skatepark in Tel Aviv - JSG in cooperation with the Rampa!

Come learn to skateboard and improve your tricks and style!

Be part of the girls’ skater community.

Suitable for all ages and levels.

We’d love for you to come - it’ll be lit!

December 2, 2018

We waited a long time for a female skateboarding tour.
In the last summer, our dream comes true and we did the first skateboarding tour for
girls in Israel.
6 girls, 1 photographer 3 days
We started in Haifa and we kept from there to Hadara Netanya and finally Ashdod.
At each place, the local skaters joined us to kill the skate spots.
It was an amazing and challenging experience for us, we got to know each other better,
cross our boundaries and have a great time.
We are excited to present the full video
movie here!!!!!!!

Editing and filming - Omer Nero Peleg

October 13, 2018

In 2010, Paola Ruiloba and Maayan Levi had no opportunities to compete in Jerusalem's skate competitions because they were segregated by gender.

Still, they skated every day after school, the only girls on the ramps in the city's largest public park, Gan Sacher, a sprawling expanse of green usually overrun with teenagers blaring Hebrew rap as they practiced their kickflips, ollies and backside 180s.

Ruiloba believes that local officials didn't think there would be sufficient interest in a girls skating competition.

In fact, the municipality did not hold one until May 2018, according to Action Sports for Development and Peace.


October 13, 2018

Sports have always been male-dominated. The Olympics didn’t include women until 1900 and some sports still don’t allow women. Neither baseball nor football, two of the United States’ most popular sports, have a women’s league or a modified version of the sport.

Professional female teams rarely receive the same treatment as their male counterparts or garner the same amount of coverage for their achievements. Male sports dominate TV; female sports are in the limelight only on special occasions.

The US women’s national soccer team has won three world cups, making them more successful than the men’s team, yet the average salary on th...

August 26, 2018

There were no existing skateboarding teams for females in Israel at the time, and in general, little support for the skating culture in Jerusalem. Since they were already addicted to the skatepark, the ingenious Levi and Ruiloba decided to go along with this ‘crazy idea’ they had—to form a women’s skateboarding team in their native Jerusalem. And with this, JSG was born.

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