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The 2017 J.S.G Competition

JSG organized our first by girls, for girls competition in 2016. This year we decided to go next lever, organizing a bigger and more professional competition , in cooperation with and support of the Jerusalem Municipality.

The event took place during the Passover spring break, at the Liberty Bell Skate Park in Jerusalem. Skater guys and girls came from all over the country, and although it rained periodically, forcing breaks every now and then, the stoke was high.

So what went down at the event?

U15 and adult run, for girls and for boys. The fantastic DJ Flow Nevo spun the tunes, and even the rain couldn't through him off his game. Boaz Aquino did a wicked job of MC'ing, announcing and moderating. Ido Barbik, Alon Bromberg and Danny Sopranov had their work cut out for them judging this fierce competition.

Our day ended with a rocking performance by The Great Machine.

Skaters and skater girls came from all over the country. Although it rained periodically and the competition was forced to stop in the middle several times, no one gave up and the skaters continued to skate and kill the park.

Jerusalem is a very diverse city, in the audience you could find secular, religious Jews and Arabs, all enjoying from the good vibes and the skateboard scene.

The girls run was the main focus of the competition. The competition took place throughout the entire Pyramid area and was given a timeout of about 7 minutes for all participants to give their best session. The little girls and the adult girls were divided.

Kids: first place- Neri Katz, seconed place-Hanna Bella, third place- ….

Adult: First place: Noa Katz, second -Frenzi and , third place-Maayan Levi.

Beyond Extreme Sports Skateboarding is a lifestyle, community and love that provides self-confidence and belonging, JSG hope that the femmale skate scence will get bigger and more girls will be exposed to the scene.

JSG's goal is to make the competition an annual tradition and every year the main event for a female will take place in Jerusalem.

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