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JSG&WeSkate JLM Championship 2019 Sponsored by Nike SB and Sprite

Our fourth annual skateboard competition - the only skateboarding competition in Israel that puts women and girls in the center! Prizes worth a cash total of over 20,000 NIS and really crazy first prize - flights, registration and accommodation for the MYSTIC Sk8 Cup! Equal pay for men and women!

The JSG-Jerusalem skater Girls partnership with We skate for the biggest skateboarding competition to empower women in Israel.

Obviously, were a boys/men competition, but as always, our main focus is on girls and women.

The best skaters in Israel participated, and the competition were open to everyone. DJ Flow Nevo was spinning tunes, Dolores Skateboarding was MC’ing, with Lior Pinto on the mike. The atmosphere was hottttt!!

This year, thanks to our generous sponsors - the Jerusalem Municipality, Nike SB and Sprite Zero - we’ve got an especially good purse, worth a cash total of over 20,000 NIS. You know that we believe in equal pay for equal play, so prizes for guys and girls were of course was equal.

We had a awesome prizes and a really crazy first prize - for men and women! - flights, registration and accommodation for the MYSTIC Sk8 Cup in Prague, Czech Republic, one of the biggest competitions in the world!

All our local skate brands contributed their merchandise as prizes: Briza, Hypnotize, Dolores Skateboarding, Zion skateboards, Gili Skateshop, SmartWings,Thrash Addiction, Republica Skateboards from Panama, Hadagnahash and Skull Candy This competition is for skateboarders aged 7 - 100, men and women, boys and girls! The competition was judged by our local judging staff and by Petr Humpl, a head judge from the Czech Republic! GIrls and boys, men and women,were each compete in prelims with 2 runs of 45 seconds each (high score counts).

The Winners - women section:

1. Shani Paz

2. Hanabella Terrel

3.Elizabeth Mako

4. Royal laybovit

5.Noa Katz

6.Polly Rutman

The Winners - boys Section:

1. Niv Maman

2. Jason Moriss

3. Ziv Vered

The winners-men section:

1. Jimmy Beer

2. Dor Abuchtzera

3. Shachar Bar

best moments

pictures by : David Rozen, Jhonny Benchimol and Bar Erez.

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