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The Abandoned Water Park at the Dead Sea

The "Attraction" water park, at Kalia Beach on the Dead Sea - the lowest place on earth! - was abandoned years ago, but once upon a time it was a spectacular and enjoyable water park. I remember as a child I spent several times enjoying the huge slides and the wave pool.

Today, 15 years later, I return to the water park that went bankrupt and was abandoned, only to discover a Skateboarding paradise! When you reach the place you can't avoid the colorful appearance of the slides combined with the sand, thorns, cracks and aridity that characterizes the Dead Sea.

We got there with five skater girls and a photography crew: Paola, Royale, Noa, Roxie - who was visiting came to visit from abroad - and me. In order to make it by sunrise we had to leave Jerusalem by 4 a.m, and entering involved finding a hole in the fence and being careful not to get caught.

In terms of skateboarding you can find gaps, banks, manual pad, a huge flat that in the past had served as a wave pool and of course water slides. After a few hours of intensive skateboarding where we killed every part of the park, we returned to Jerusalem. It was unforgettable experience at an amazing spot and for sure we'll be going back soon.

Maayan levi

photography by - Asaf Etzion.

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