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JSG with Adidas Originals and Girls Are Awesome

Two crews of skater girls riding in the big city - Tel Aviv

This past August, a group of skater girls from Germany came to meet our JSG –Jerusalem Skater Girls crew, as part of the cooperation between Adidas Originals and Girls Are Awesome. Because, you know – girls are awesome.

We rode around the streets of Tel Aviv for two full days with a production and film crew, led by Laura Kaczmerek – a skater and photographer – and her friends from Germany. We skated with them, had some great food, hung out and visited some spectacular spots – some of which we had never heard of before!

The bond between the two crews was immediate and amazing. True girl power resulting in friendship and cooperation.

One of the best moments was late at night, after the production crew left us skater girls on our own. We went to the beach, which is something that we do all the time, but for the German girls it was crazy! Since some of them had only seen the sea a few times in the past, they stripped out their clothes fast and raced for the waves.

We all had a wild time, and were stoked to take part in this production and get to know the girls. I'm always blown away to see how skateboard creates a bond between different people. Check out Girls Are Awesome at to read more about it!

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