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The 2018 J.S.G Competition

JSG- Jerusalem skater girls competition 2018 -

It was our third annual competition, in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality.

This is the only competition in Israel that dedicated specifically to women’s skateboarding – by girls, for girls.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the girls' community in our scene, by giving girls and women the feeling that they can do it, that they are free, that they belong. By giving girls the confidence they need to do what they dare and expose more girls to skateboarding and raise the level.

The competition took place at the Jerusalem skatepark on May 21 st.

The best skater girls and guys from around the country participated - around 90 skater participants, and it was open to the general public. For the first time in Israel, we used the judgement program- the Boarder! and now all the participants got their own profile.

We let the boys and older guys compete, but the main focus was on girls and women.

A DJ -flow Nevo was spinning tunes throughout, and a professional MC from Doloreskateboarding explained the goings-on to the crowd.

I attached some photos and video from the event!

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